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Case Study: Fishing Vessel Corrosion Protection

(Image: Oxifree/Cosono)

M/S Endre Dyrøy: Corrosion protection and reduction of maintenance costs

Location: Valen, Knarrevik
Local environment: Fishing vessel
Date: December 28-29, 2016
Condition: Light rain and wind (8.9 m /s)
Total coatings: 30 points (two teams at each point)
Substance type: Flanges, couplings, panels, etc.
Duration: Two days
Oxifree TM198 is 100 percent environmentally friendly corrosion inhibitor supplied by Corrosion Solutions Norway AS. After a simple pretreatment, TM198 can be applied on structures using an applicator gun. The application is fast and efficient and can even be applied to live equipment eliminating the need for a shutdown.
M/S Endre Dyrøy is the first vessel in Norway to have been applied with this unique corrosion inhibitor at 30 different objects/points. Most of the treated points had clear signs of corrosion, whereas some points were treated before they were corroded.
M/S Endre Dyrøy is a modern 64m fishing vessel, equipped with trawls and purse seines. It was built in 2001 and is very well maintained.
Despite the fact that the vessel is well taken care of, part corrosion is a general problem that occurs on this type of vessel as these often operate in tough environments characterized by high humidity and salt.
The vessel has been regularly surface treated using traditional methods (sandblasted and painted), and using grease and petrolatum tape in some areas.
The purpose of this work was to apply TM198 in areas where corrosion poses a problem, as well as areas where previous solutions are not good enough or particularly practical. TM198 is able to replace all previous solutions on the following: areas where sandblasting/painting has limitations because of access or complex structures such as valves, flanges, weld seams, penetrations in decks and brackets, links with various types of metal that causes galvanic corrosion.
Typical of the latter are hydraulic fittings, as well as locations where petrolatum tape is currently used. In addition TM198 is suitable for use on safety-critical areas such as control panels for winches and cranes.
Before application of the TM198 started, a simple pretreatment was performed. Loose paint products and corrosion particles were brushed away, and the corroded components were cleaned with a degreaser.
During the application all excess material was collected and reused in the machine. Terminations for areas of TM198 were reinforced with cable ties and trimmed and in addition a flexible sealant was used.
The Polymelt 50 Ai applicator machine was used which is suitable for use in hazardous environments.
In all, 30 points (components) of varying design and size were coated with TM198. This was done while the vessel was docked in anticipation of new missions. The areas that were coated with TM198 were immediately protected from further corrosion and ready for operation.
TM198 can easily be removed for inspection or repair of equipment / components. In such cases, these points can easily be replenished with TM198 without the entire area being recoated.
Although M/S Endre Dyrøy is relatively new and very well maintained, corrosion is a recurrent problem involving large expenditures. The areas that were coated with TM198 forms the basis for many trouble-free years, and high maintenance costs will be spared in the coming years.

Sep 1, 2017

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